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Get Adobe Reader!Errata and Addenda for Muir’s 1970 Double Falshood

December 22, 2001

Muir’s original is of the inferior 1st state of the 1st edition, but the following are errors that, as far as I know, arise from either bad inking in Muir’s original copy or faults in the reproductive process.

I also have an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.

Page Line For Read
viii 19 Era Æra
22 34 I’######Leonora; I’ll to Leonora;
31 6 Vaſſal Vaſſal,
34 27 Yeſterdav. Yeſterday,
38 6 Face. Face,
38 19 Faith Faith.
40 16 Stuff Stuff.
43 1 Nole; Noſe;
44 32 Sir: Sir;
45 45 about? about?—
47 2 Angel. Angel,
47 13 again again:
47 16 Pain, Pain;
54 12 on# Tear one Tear
54 13 Juſtice Juſtice.
57 24 my Lord, my Lord;
58 6 under me. under me,
58 press figure (none) 4
59 2 to you. to you,
59 10 poor poor.
62 6 Repentance. Repentance:
62 11 upon’t upon’t.

Muir shows the missing leaf A1 from a copy of the 2nd edition in his appendix; for what it’s worth, it is identical to leaf A1 as found in the 1st.

Changes in the 2nd state.

Page Line For Read
5 catchword
(The comma is moved into its proper place on the line.)
14 press figure 3 (omitted)
26 30 #He He
26 31 #May ’May
29 30 fool##h fooliſh
58 19 Preferment! Preferment! —
63 catchword Tho Tho’

Changes in the 2nd edition

The 2nd edition is identical to the 2nd state of the 1st, except for the changes in the Preface (which Muir provides in his appendix) and an unexplained change in the press figure on page 58 from 4 to 5.

Changes in the 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of 1767 appears to have been set from a prompter’s copy of the 2nd edition. There are many insignificant changes in spelling and punctuation, which appear to be the work of two or more compositors, rather than editorial. After the front matter, pagination and lineation are almost identical, I believe by intent. The following changes of unknown origin are found:

Page 3, line 1.

Duke. O, do it Roderick; and aſſay to mould him

Duke. I have, upon Henriquez’ ſtrong Requeſt,
Sent for this Julio— Thou aſſay to mould him

Page 12, line 9.

She’s gone:— Who am I, that am thus contemn’d?

She’s gone: —No matter! — I have brib’d her Woman,
and ſoon ſhall gain Admittance. —
Who am I, that am thus contemn’d?

Page 24, line 8.

That I am bold to offer this.

[Throws down a Purſe with Money.

That I am bold to offer this.

Citiz. By no means, Lady– – – – –

[Offers to throw down a Purſe with Money.

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